NikitaNikita was born in a family of circus artists during a tour over Ukraine, on the 15th of March, 1993.

His mother, Natalya V. Goncharova, always tried to cultivate a love for ballet and theatre in him – she was herself a good example and proved that there’s nothing impossible when after Nikita was born she could make her dream come true and performed ballet riding a horse and ballet airwards.

His father, Pavel Ivanov, is a well-known clown, winner of a number of international contests and the Yuri Nikulin Prize holder.

Up to the age of 11, Nikita participated in tours with his parents. It was at that time when he started to work upon his muscle stretch and flexibility and practice dancing. He took part in shows from the age of four.

In 2004, Nikita enters the Moscow State School for Choreography by L. M. Lavrovsky, to the classic dance teacher Golikova.

In summer 2007, the school gives a gala night during a tour to Italy, where Nikita dances variations as the Wolf and performs The Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf pas de deux.

In 2007, Nikita tries out for entering the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and is enrolled in the 4th Ballet Class, the teacher – Olga I. Popova.

In 2009, he is promoted to the 1st course of the Academy, where he practices to participate in serious performances and dancing in the Bolshoi Theatre shows. The classic dance teacher (from the 1st to the 3rd courses) – Andrey V. Smirnov; duet – Georgy K. Gusev.

During 2009–2012, Nikita participates in shows of the Bolshoi Theatre, Russia.

Being on the second course, Nikita got sick with chicken pox, which was a hard blow to his career. Recovery was hard and long, he couldn’t practice for two months. Moreover, prior the final examinations he underwent surgery. However, despite all of this, Nikita worthily graduated from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. His teachers note that he has a great artistry, emotionality, flexibility, and a high jump, and is especially marked for duet dancing and his partner support technique

In summer 2012, Nikita dances a gala night in Gardone Riviera, Italy, with his course-mate Joy Annabelle Womak. He performs variations of Basil from The Don Quijote ballet and pas de deux from the Don Quijote ballet – as Basil and Kitri.

After graduation from the Academy, Nikita was invited to a German theatre “Dortmund” and the Eifman Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia, but he decided to stay in Moscow where his sweetheart Joy Annabelle Womak was going to apply for a job in Bolshoi Theatre.

In spite of the fact, that Nikita was not preparing for audition at the Bolshoi Theatre and was more interested in the modern choreography, he went to audition at Bolshoi with Joy and was accepted to dance there and continued to practice classic ballet.

Additionally to his talent in ballet dancing, Nikita is also a gifted musician. We are proud to present his music in our film and wish him great achievements in this field too.